Thursday, May 22, 2008

Less iodine intake in our diet cause Thyroids

Thyroids diseases affect many people in this world. It is the function of our thyroids gland that convert our food into energy for the body. When the thyroids gland is not operating properly it cause many symptoms of thyroids diseases. The cause of poor thyroid function is most due to high cholesterol levels or taking imbalanced diet result in making our thyroid system under active which makes our thyroid glands less produce thyroid hormone than our body needs. If we feel a swollen thyroids in our neck called goiters, it show our body had not enough of iodine cause by not enough iodine in our diet

The most common symptoms of thyroid are depression, hair loss, dry and coarse skin, poor memory and forgetfulness, weakness and fatigue. Most of the time feeling cold hands and feet, nervousness and feeling tremors, Weight gain, insomnia and constipation. For women their will experience heavy menstrual periods.


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