Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jamo Debuts iPod Home Stereo

Jamo Debuts iPod Home Stereo
Jamo which is distributed in Australia by Qualifi has launched the i300, a stand-alone powered subwoofer/satellite speaker system that turns an iPod into the heart of a full-fledged home entertainment system, offering full-strength hi-fi performance. The system will sell for $599 in Australia.

The Jamo i300 comprises of an a iPod control dock, an active subwoofer plus two compact satellite loudspeakers. It also comes with a long-range radio frequency remote control that allows remote control from various rooms in a house.

The 2.1-channel system's versatility includes a control dock which charges the iPod is also fitted with an extra auxiliary input on its rear panel so that one can hook up a computer, portable DVD player or games console to the system. One can also direct input into the subwoofer itself.

A Jaemo Spoksman said "How can we guarantee hi-fi quality sound? Using solidly constructed 2-way satellites helps. The speakers supplied with this system are magnetically-shielded boxes - finished in high gloss white - that can be wall or table-top mounted. These little marvels feature a precision-engineered 76mm/3in co-axial driver that delivers truly pin-point sonic imaging".

He added "What's more, the subwoofer (which also has a high gloss white finish) is just as capable with a high-efficiency class D digital amplifier powering an 6.5in bass driver, all housed in a solid but very compact reflex-ported enclosure."

"Who's going to buy the Jamo i300? Anybody who wants to make more of the music they've lovingly stored on their iPod. Where's it going to end up? Bedrooms, college dorms, studies, home offices… even music mixing desks: the possibilities for the i300 are endless."

by David Richards

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