Tuesday, August 15, 2006

symptom thyroid : Risk Factors for Thyroid Cancer & Nodules

Following are risk factors for thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules:

Thyroid Cancer
Scientists have found a few risk factors that make a person more likely to develop thyroid cancer; however, most people with thyroid cancer have no apparent risk factors.

Following are some risk factors for thyroid cancer:

Being female
Younger than 30 or older than 50
Family history of thyroid cancer
Radiation exposure (i.e. radiation therapy)
Pregnancy when age 30 or older
Certain genetic disorders
Thyroid Nodules
Following are some risk factors for developing thyroid nodules:

Being female
Family history of thyroid nodules
Radiation exposure (i.e. radiation therapy)
History of thyroiditis (chronic inflammation of the thyroid)
Reducing the Risk of Thyroid Cancer & Nodules
There are no known ways to reduce the risk of developing thyroid cancer or thyroid nodules. However, a healthy diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in animal fat can reduce your risk of developing many types of cancer, including thyroid cancer.

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