Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Guild to thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction is commonin the community, the prevalence of hyperthyoidism is approximately one percent to two percent and hypothyroidism is about five percent to ten percent. Thyroid dysfunction has afemale to male predominance a ratio of five to one. and the disease is increased in age. A family history of thyroid disorder is common in affected patients. Thyroid hormone regulates cellular metabolism, facilities development of the central nervous system, and is important for normal grouth, puberty and protien synthesis. this variety of roles accounts for the constellation of symptoms and signs encounter in patients with thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid storm is a life treatening form of hyperthyroidism, whereas myxoedematous coma refers to severe hypothyroidism. Thyroid dysfunstion is commonly primary arising from the thyroid but rarely it is secondary central arising from the pituitary or hypothalamus. Futhermore, primary thyroid dysfunstion can be overt or subclinical, the latter term being applied to individuals with an abnormal thyroid stimulating hormone level but normal free thyroxine level


There are many treatment methods that can be explored that may work well with you. Natural thyroid supplements had been proven very effective for your thyroid problem.
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