Saturday, July 01, 2006

symptom thyroid : MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A THYROID


While to some of you, this tip might be very basic (the
powerful info comes in tips five through seven), it is absolutely essential that you make sure your diagnosis is correct before you begin wasting time and money on treatments that are not designed to help your specific situation.

Do you really suffer from Hypothyroidism? That question needs an answer before you embark on a course of treating it.

Getting an accurate test from a physician to diagnose hypothyroidism can be difficult. The truth is, most medical doctors, and conventional medicine as a whole, have failed miserably to truly help the public with thyroid disorders, which is well supported by testimony from thousands of unhappy patients.

You may have been to your doctor and had a test, and the doctor tells you that you are in the "normal range". But you are still dealing with symptoms and know something is very wrong in your body.

Hypothyroidism is the root cause of many symptoms of disease. Because your doctor has given you one test that determines you to be normal does not mean you are in fact normal and not dealing with hypothyroidism.


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