Thursday, July 06, 2006

symptom thyroid : SONGS ABOUT CANCER?!

"In the fifth week of hypo hell
my symptoms gave to me --
four bouts of weeping,
three seafood cravings,
two migraine headaches,
and the need for a really
great nap!"

Take me to the songs!

Here's the story behind the songs...

When I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 1997 at the age of 35, my life was changed forever. Now, 7years later, I am still going strong and fighting this rare disease, finding strength and courage by looking for whatever good I can find in the bad.

One of the amazing things that has happened to me as a result of the cancer is that when I went "hypothyroid" (off my thyroid hormone for several weeks) for a scan, I discovered I could rewrite the lyrics to songs and make them relate to thyroid cancer. Suddenly I was able to rhyme and find humor in a very black situation.

I shared my first song with the members of an on-line thyroid cancer support group, and the response was great. We had a good laugh, and talked about how important a positive attitude is in fighting cancer.

I wrote more songs and shared them with my on-line "thyca" friends. They started sharing the songs with their loved ones, and they began to tell me what a difference the songs had made in their lives:

"Thanks for the first laugh I have had since I was diagnosed."

"Your songs are hilarious!"

"My husband and I read your songs on the computer and laughed until we cried. Now he understands a little better what I am going through. Thank you."

Most of the songs are just plain funny. Some of them are powerful, intense, and could be called "black humor". But whatever category they fit in, all of my songs are written from my own experiences, and the stories of my on-line cancer survivor friends.

This site is dedicated to my beloved grandmother, Joan Farrell, who bought me the computer that helped change my life. She loved to hear how the Internet brought me information, friends, and a place to share my experiences and songs with others.

I'd also like to send my sincere thanks to my employer, the web site design and hosting company, ComSite International, Inc., for sponsoring this site.

And to all thyroid cancer survivors who thought they were the only ones out there, you are not alone. Welcome.

-Megan Stendebach

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