Monday, October 02, 2006

Person suffers from hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland produces hormones that accelerate and in other wise regulate metabolism. A part of metabolism is the process of breaking down energy containing nutrients, and using the energy to produce molecules that all the processes and activities in the body use as fuel. Another part is the production of molecules that the body use as building materials.

An individual who suffers from hypothyroidism, referred to as a hypothyroid, has an abnormally slow metabolism. The patient’s slow metabolic rate can bring about health disorders ranging from mild complaints to fatal complications. The subtle and mild symptoms associated with hypothyroidism include drowsiness, difficulty in tolerating cool temperatures, physical exhaustion, weight gain despite loss of appetite, dry hair and pale skin, and stiffness of joints and muscular cramps. Life-threatening complications may also develop such as mental sluggishness and memory loss, visual disturbances that may lead to blindness, chronic depression, insanity, coma and, eventually, death, if the patient fails to be cured or diagnosed.

Having hypothyroidism symptoms is related to hormone imbalance. For a woman, three of the critical hormones are estrogen, thyroid hormone and progesterone. Understanding how these hormones work together helps one better understand how to approach treating thyroid disease symptoms.

Essentially, hypothyroidism is diagnosed by either blood tests or physical examination and review of a patient’s medical history. The most recent accessory to diagnosis the disorder is blood testing that involves measurement of T4 and TSH in the blood. Some thyroid specialists, however, prefer a physical examination, a thorough review of the medical history and a measurement of basal body temperature as diagnostic tests.

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