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symptom thyroid : Thyroid Helper

Finally, there is a safe and effective nutritional formula to boost thyroid function, energy, mood, and weight loss! Thousands of individuals have benefited from the effective nutrient combination in Thyroid Helper?/strong>. Formulated by thyroid expert Byron Richards and backed by 20 years of expertise and nutritional research, Thyroid Helper?/strong> is designed to support the normal function of thyroid hormone at the cellular level and helps convert basic thyroid hormone (T4) into the active thyroid hormone (T3). It also helps protect the thyroid, liver, and nerves from free-radical stress, a newly emerging scientific issue of great importance to normal and healthy metabolism. See how the quality and potency of the nutrient combination in Thyroid Helper?/strong> can make a difference for you!

Millions Struggle with Sluggish Thyroid Function
Selenium is Vital to Thyroid Function
Helps the Body Form Thyroid Hormone
Enhances Conversion of T4 to Active T3
Warming Up and Energizing
Manganese, a Thyroid and Liver Protector
Enhancing Fat Burning and Insulin Function
Ashwagandha, the Stress-Busting Thyroid Booster
Helps Promote Normal Gall Bladder Function
Supports Healthy Cholesterol Metabolism
Helps Support Bone Metabolism

Millions Struggle with Sluggish Thyroid Function
Thyroid function is weakened by stress, pollution, poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, and a history of yo-yo dieting. It is now proven that various nutrients directly support the healthy structure of the thyroid gland, the formation of thyroid hormone, and the activation of thyroid hormone throughout the body. These are all normal and natural functions that need to be properly maintained to support health.

New science is showing that free radical problems, especially when there are deficiencies of selenium and manganese containing antioxidant enzymes, stress thyroid hormone function. If these nutritional deficiencies are not corrected a person is much more likely to struggle with body weight, insulin function, and poor metabolism.

Sluggish thyroid hormone function is common, a different issue that medical thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism ?which should be addressed by medical doctors. Many individuals have symptoms of slow metabolism, including low body temperature, fatigue, weight gain, trouble losing weight and keeping it off, constipation, poor mood, heavy head, dry skin, and energy problems in the afternoon. Thyroid Helper offers significant nutritional support to help maintain the normal function of thyroid hormone. A considerable amount of exciting new science helps to explain why Thyroid Helper is such a popular product.

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Selenium is Vital to Thyroid Function
Selenium is a mineral that is typically lacking in the American diet due to depleted soils. Selenium plays numerous important roles in health, especially supporting proper thyroid function.

Selenium combines with the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine to make a special protein known as selenocysteine. This is called a selenoprotein, considered by researchers to be the 21st amino acid. There are 30 selenoproteins that are currently identified, mostly involving the antioxidant defense system and thyroid function.

The selenium-containing antioxidant enzymes are known as glutathione peroxidases (GSH). Six different GSH enzymes have now been identified; helping to protect the inside of cells, the GI tract, the reproductive system, and operating in fluids between cells. GSH enzymes are vital to maintaining normal health. They are now proven to protect the thyroid gland during thyroid hormone formation.

Basic thyroid hormone, thyroxine, contains the amino acid tyrosine in the center, surrounded by four iodine molecules. This is known as T4. It is the hormone produced in the thyroid gland, but it is not biologically active. Selenoproteins act in various ways to change T4 into T3 (active thyroid hormone) and reverseT3 (which inactivates T3). A lack of selenium significantly impairs the formation of thyroid hormone (T4) in the thyroid gland and activation of it to T3 throughout the body.

Selenium is highly concentrated in the thyroid gland, more so than in any other organ in the human body, indicating its vital need in normal thyroid function. Three main selenoproteins activate and inactivate thyroid hormone, known as D1, D2, and D3.

D1 is the main primary activator of thyroid hormone in the body, working mostly in the liver and to some degree in the kidneys. D2 is active in the thyroid gland, brain, nerves, and heart. It plays the primary role in thyroid activation in the brain under normal conditions, and produces thyroid hormone under stressed conditions. D3 is mostly a brake on thyroid hormone activity, turning off active hormone.

When selenium is lacking D1 activity is lessened and GSH antioxidant function is handicapped, leading to slower metabolism and increased free radical stress. Thus, adequate selenium is vital to the preferred way the body would like to metabolize thyroid hormone.

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Helping the Body Form Thyroid Hormone
In order to form thyroid hormone in the first place iodine is added to tyrosine-containing thyroglobulin, which takes place on the cell membrane of thyrocytes (thyroid cells). This process is stimulated by thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) coming from the pituitary gland and the enzyme thyroid peroxidase (TPO), a process that generates tremendous numbers of free radicals within the thyroid gland in the form of H2O2 and lipid peroxides. These must be deactivated by GSH enzymes, otherwise the production of thyroid hormone stresses the thyroid gland and/or the rate of thyroid hormone formation is reduced.

This means that the nutrients selenium, tyrosine, and iodine are essential to normal thyroid hormone formation. Thyroid Helper supplies selenium and tyrosine. Iodine is supplied in a special product called Iosol Iodine. This form of iodine easily ionizes, producing a free iodide that is the preferred form for thyroid gland use. Cheap salts of iodine, such as potassium iodide, sodium iodide, or kelp are much more difficult for the body to use and may congest thyroid function, which is why we don抰 put them in Thyroid Helper.

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