Monday, March 24, 2008

Thyroxine treatment to reduced Thyroid size medically

Treatment of thyroid disease as doctors used thyroxine treatment to reduce the gland or nodule size if a patients serum TSH is elevated or at the high end of normal. it is not quite effective if TSH is already or suppressed. A six months trail of thyroxine at a dose sufficient to supress TSH should be preceded by clinical size. If there is no response from the oatients then thyroxine should be stop. This procedure is most likely used by doctors to reduced the size of thyroid.

The symptoms of the thyroid mass are difficulty in swallowing or respiration distress, especially related to a change in position at night Patients and can be important symptoms of an obstruction goitre and these features may not be obvious if the gland is predominanty retrosternal. Patients with thyroid disease are encouraged to maintain a personal medical records, as follow up often extends beyond their period of contract with any one practitioner.


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