Thursday, August 07, 2008

The early symptoms of thyroid

The causes of thyroid is that the grand that convert the food we eat into energy for the body is not function properly and thus it cause all kinds of symptoms. Poor thyroid function are often due to high cholesterol level in our body. Alot of people who suffer this symptoms take no notice or simply take it as growing old age or stress. Thyroid disease can develop from a little of few weeks to a few months and if early symptoms is discover, treatment can be treat for thyroid problem.

The early symptoms of thyroid are weight gain, feeling yourself cold most of the time even the weather is hot or warm outside mostly the hand and feet parts. Loss of energy and sign of hair dropping. Feeling fatigue and weakness. Skin became coarse and dry, poor memory and easily forgetfulness. Nervousness and tremors. For some women their will experience heavy menstrual periods.


Of course thyroid may be a prime factor of hair loss diseases in women. Thanks for discussing the whole issue so nicely. Nice blog. Keep it up.
I strongly believe that hypothyroidism can be overlooked but it is easy to treat it with natural thyroid supplements .
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